Building’s construction

Jillani Façades have an important role to play in a building’s construction. Their primary purpose is to provide weather resistance, protecting the structure and occupants from the elements.
However, as the first aspect that people see when they enter or pass by a building, they are also vital for establishing identity and status becoming almost like pieces of art in the built environment.
Whilst it is not always possible, refurbishing an existing building’s façades is certainly worth exploring before plunging for demolishment.
Continual advancements in material and system technology have helped to make this an even simpler option for architects looking to completely transform the way a building interacts with the wider world, from its energy and fire performance to its commercial value.

Eco-Friendly materials:

Generally, glass is a recyclable and chemically inert material.
Unlike metals that can emit harmful substances due to
corrosion over time. This means that a glass railing system is
an excellent choice if you want to use eco-friendly materials
in your business.

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